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Gil Petersil

Renown Author of "New Networking Code" 
Entrepreneur and Business Educator

As entrepreneurs we are all going through massive challenges and it’s often overwhelming to find solutions how to grow your business and manage your life.

MasterMind.Space curates new connections with relevant people in facilitated Masterminds with mentoring experts.

As a member, you'll get specific solutions and new opportunities which will give you more time, energy and money.

As entrepreneurs we strive to make the world a better place, and during time of chaos we are needed more than ever.

How MasterMind.Space Can Help Your Business?

New connections with relevant people
As entrepreneurs we are all going through massive challenges and it’s often overwhelming to find solutions how to grow your business and manage your life.
MM.Space gives you access to new connections with business owners, mentors and experts who share their experience with you so you could solve your problems faster
Mastermind – your personal advisory board
A mastermind is a mentoring technique where 8 business owners unite together helping each other to grow their business. Facilitator leads the meeting so each participant has dedicated time to their specific problem. Each session gives you actionable cost-effective solution from someone who already solved the problem you're facing now
Secret sauce to unlock new opportunities
All brightest minds from Henry Ford and Benjamin Franklin to Walt Disney and Tony Robbins had their mastermind groups for a reason. It's hard to find outside the box ideas when you are alone. Participating in a mastermind gives you the support of like-minded people, sparks new ideas and activates the collective genius so you see new horizons

Our Mentors and Experts

Gil Petersil

Leading international business strategy and networking expert. Co-founder of 20+ companies. 

Keith Ferrazzi

Founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight. Entrepreneur. Best-selling author.

Igor Rybakov

Entrepreneur. Forbes world's richest people list member. Co-owner of Technonicol corporation. Co-founder of Rybakov Fund.

Mirela Sula

Founder/CEO, Global Woman magazine & GW Club. CEO of the Business Woman Today. Global award-winning Entrepreneur.

Marina Naomi Smolyanov

Global expert for innovation, creative communication, management strategies, leadership training and entrepreneurship - at the new age.  

Ron Kaufman

New York Times Bestselling Author "Uplifting Service". Customer Experience & Service Culture Expert.

Johan Ernst Nilson

Adventure activist. Coach. Producer. President at Everest Summiteers Association (Sweden). Honorary Goodwill Ambassador of Nepal.

Ashley Galina Dudarenok

LinkedIn Top Voice 2019. China Marketing Expert. Founder of Alarice & ChoZan. 3x Bestselling Author

Eric Edmeades

Serial entrepreneur. International business speaker. Author. Founder of WildFit.

Anil Gupta

Coach. Keynote speaker. Best selling author. Management and communications consultant.

Brenda Bence

Founder and President of Brenda Bence Int. Award-winning author. Ranked by Global Gurus as #1 in the world's Top 30 Branding Experts. Top 10 Executive Coach.

Dan Waldschmidt

Business strategist. Best-selling author. Co-founder and partner in EDGY Inc.

David Meerman Scott

Entrepreneur. Marketing & business growth speaker. Advisor to emerging companies.

David Lim

Speaker. Chief Motivational Officer at David Lim Speaks Pte Ltd. Best known for leading the 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition in 1998. 

Joseph McClendon

Global leader in peak performance. Instructor at the University of California. Founder of Pro-Sequences International.

Danny Perekalsky

CEO, Utkonos online supermarket. Founder of ShakeUp.

...and many more outstanding entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Gil Petersil

Leading international business strategy and networking expert; co-founder of 20+ companies.

Anil Gupta

Coach, keynote speaker, best selling author, management consultant, communications expert.

Eric Edmeades

Serial entrepreneur, international business speaker, author, founder of WildFit.

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